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If you have been tired of walking around with your weight and done with the taunting you have landed on the right page. Welcome to Feel Good Fitness club! A perfect body is your birth right but nothing comes without a little pain. Yup! You are right! No Pain No Gain! But, not at Feel Good.


At Feel Good Fitness club our instructors make sure you get the desired results without having to disturb your routine with the pain that is so massively advertised with the gain. Whether you want to gain weight or loose some extra pounds we are here for you.

Classes Available

Weight Lifting

Benefits of joining a Gym

Leading a healthy life requires some extra effort but if you have been out of the order on the exercise front it is likely that you need some motivation to help you get back on the track. Going to the gym is not just about the ease of access to high-quality machines. It is also about the whole experience and social circle that allows you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Most people lack the initial motivation to take the pain and tone their body into shape but at the gym, they do not only have the motivation but the friends to help them out with their gym routine.


Going to the gym is often considered an individual activity but the true success of gyms lies in the healthy competition that allows you to get in shape and take the trouble to tone your body. It also allows you to work out under the supervision of a trainer who would not let you harm your body while jumping back into the gym.

Our Trainers Team

Betty K. Jacobson

Cardio Trainer

Herbert Hoskins

Weight Trainer

Lorena Carroll

Fitness Trainer

From Our Blog

The quickest way to getting a six pack

The quickest way to getting a six pack

September 28, 2016 7:56 am

bodybuilder-331671_640Six packs or abs are one of the signs of a physically fit body. Anybody would want six packs not only for a great look but to also maintain a strong core. However abs are like every other muscles in the body and need to be tuned so as to get to shape. It is important to note that everybody has core muscles but it is those who have worked them out that have visible and strong cores.

The work out involving core muscles can be long and rigorous process, many people only start to develop six packs after weeks of work out. There are however ways of expediting the process.

First, you need a lot of water in your body so as to enhance your body’s metabolism. With more water in the body you will be burning fats faster. You also want to cut down on intake of drinks such as juice and soda as they have a high sugar content.

During the work out, ensure that your body is well fed. Many people tend to associate less food intake with physical fitness but it is not always that simple. When you starve, the body tends to store more fat.

The most important part of the process is the workout. Make sure that much of it is focused on your core. You can do exercises such as reverse crunch, plank and so on. And if you want abs really fast you would want to also do a lot of cardio exercises. These are like tennis, cycling, jogging and so on. Ensure that you vary the exercises and that you keep challenging yourself.

The Ultimate Muscle Building Shake

The Ultimate Muscle Building Shake

September 20, 2016 5:57 am

With all the craze that is going into losing weight, there is a little that has been said about the ways one can do the reverse; that is to build mass. Many people think that to build muscles you only have to work out hard and eat a lot. This is true but not that simple. Almost everyone can work out but when it comes to the food to eat one has to be very careful otherwise they might end up with an overweight body.
green-456839_640To achieve a significant gain in actual body mass, that is muscle; you need to ensure that your protein intake is sufficient to keep up with your workout. However, protein alone cannot provide a substantial gain in body muscle; one requires a careful balance of essential nutrients all of which are vital for muscle growth. Many nutritionists have come up with a range of ‘super shakes’ that they claim to have the perfect balance of nutrients. However, few do meet that balance. Here is one that is certain to make the process of muscle building much easier for you.

  1. Pour into a bowl or container, 12 ounces of milk or water depending on what is easily available.
  2. Scoop 1 or 2 spoonful of protein powder.
  3. You can then toss in some vegetables; two handfuls should be enough. It is important to note that there is no particular vegetable mentioned, you can use any.
  4. Also, toss in some fruit, two fistfuls of fruit like dates, apples and mango will do.
  5. Fat is also an essential part of your shake; it will make it delicious and also increase the number of calories. Add five servings in your shake.