At Feel Good Fitness Club we have carefully formulated class curriculum in six major styles of physical and mental fitness. Each of these styles covers a different mantra to help you achieve the mental and physical bliss that would allow you to stay fit and healthy. Only a fit and healthy person can lead a healthy lifestyle which is why we believe in an extremely cautious selection of style for each person. It is our understanding that every person should adopt an exercise style that compliments their personality to ensure peace of mind as well as a healthy lifestyle through and through.

Aerobics class

We offer the best aerobic classes in the town, even in the state. Our aerobics class is lead by one of the top notch international aerobics coach Patrick Simons. Patrick has over three international awards to his name and he ensures that every student is lead into the game with a balance between exercise and lifestyle.

Crossfit Class

One style to fit them all! If CrossFit had an official mantra this statement would be it. It is a lifestyle philosophy that transforms your body and your life into a completely healthy and energetic drive. If you are striving to get a taste of various style this is definitely for you.


Well, if you are about looks and big body than weightlifting is definitely your style to pick. Big muscle needs better training and healthier food than any other style. The common misconception makes people think weightlifting allows you to eat junk but actually it is the toughest on healthy eating.

Spinning class

For those looking to achieve to shred some weight and tone their bodies into shape, spinning is certainly the best option out of all the options available at Feel Good. You may just want to get back the shape you once had and we perfectly understand your concern. Happy Spinning!

Yoga class

Yogi Ravi is the lead shaman of our Yoga classes that allow you to learn the mystic art from South Asia. Yoga allows you to not only keep your mind and body in a perfect harmony but also to achieve different levels of bliss. It is a lifestyle practice which is as addictive as a drug.

Pilates class

Although never proved to have curing effects Pilates certainly helps you achieve good health and fitness through the training program. It is evident that any style helps you achieve mind and body control to help you lead a happy and healthy life to the fullest. May it be Pilates or Yoga what matters is a healthy life.