We have been offering different programs for our customers to ensure that our customers stay sharp and at the same time make the mot out of their time. We allow custom packages and have various add-on facilities available within the same roof such as Swimming Pool, Savannah Baths, and Hot Tubs to help you enjoy some good time after a good long and tiring workout class. Our trainers are available to not only help you during the class but also to advise you on how to make the most out of your time and lead the healthiest possible life.

Membership plans are completely customizable and you can pick any class with another or if you want to pick an add-on such Swimming Pool or Hot Tub with your current class package you can always pick and form a new package customized just for you. Our trainers are also available on the site to help you better understand your personality and the style that suits you. We also offer a lifetime package for one or all services available.

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